On embracing my uncool self, and not being afraid

Most of us are able to offer guidance and support to friends, but aren’t so good at following our own advice. “Never be embarrassed about who you are,” I say to people. But I routinely don’t speak up about things that are important to me for fear of judgement. I hold back in my writing because I worry that people will think it’s silly, or self indulgent, or just plain boring. The irony being that my most shared posts are those where I speak from the heart.

I suppose I still suffer from the desire to be one of the cool kids. I want to write passionately about music or films. I want to tackle important political or social issues. I want to make people laugh. But leaving aside the issue of whether it’s even possible to do all three, this isn’t who I am. I may care about “issues” but I don’t feel inspired to write about them.

I’m a bit embarrassed about my interest in self improvement. I haven’t even told my friends that I’m going to Alive in Berlin even though some of my favourite bloggers are speaking and I’m really really excited. I love reading about how people have improved their lives through creativity, movement, new habits and minimalism, and I’m interested in changing mine. So maybe this is a bit self-helpy, and a bit uncool. But I’m committed to living my truth, and I’m trying hard not to be embarrassed about using phrases like “living my truth.” (Because I am British after all, and the last things we want to be talking about is our feelings).

It’s time to stop worrying about what people think of me. It’s time to:

  • Say ‘yeah, I’m committed to creativity, friendship and living out my values.’
  • Look after myself even if that means turning down a night out to go to bed early and make a yoga class the following morning.
  • Listen to the music I want to listen to,and maybe even make some of those Spotify playlists public.
  • Write the word “awesome” in a professional email.
  • Put a kiss at the end of a text to someone I’ve just met.
  • Eat what I feel my body needs (even if it means putting on weight).
  • Open up to more of my friends, and not hide my excitement about things.
  • Write more about my ideas and my life without worrying that it’s self indulgent. After all, nobody is making you read this.

One thought on “On embracing my uncool self, and not being afraid

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