Fun with beads

PicMonkey Collage

It was great to have good enough weather this summer to spend most of it outside: gardening, running, cycling, at music festivals and in pub gardens. But now it’s getting darker and colder it’s been great to spend cosy evenings indoors with a mug of tea and my latest craft project. Last night I pushed some blue and silver beads around, trying different combinations until I became inspired enough to thread some on a piece of nylon and tie them to some hooks to make earrings.

After months of working on the crochet blanket, it was nice to just play around without an end product in mind. This is my favourite method of being creative: setting out on a journey and just seeing where I end up. Actually, that’s my preferred approach to anything: travel, shopping, cooking and life. I like to try things out, to explore, to not worry if things turn out badly but learn from it when they do.

Yesterday I learnt that tying bits of nylon together was not an adequate way of finishing earrings when one of them came undone while I was queuing for the cinema. The beads all disappeared down the neck of my sweater and I spend the film picking bits out of my bra. I’ll re-do them with wire once I’ve been to the shop and replenished my supplies.


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