I never forget my phone

By now, I’m sure you’ll have all seen the I Forgot My Phone video that’s been doing the rounds online.

I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago where I admitted how much I love switching my phone off while I’m travelling, and he confessed that there was no way he could stay that unconnected. So my first thought upon watching I Forgot My Phone was to post it on his Facebook wall, feeling smug about how I was not addicted to my phone.

Then I thought about the weekend I just had.

How I couldn’t wait in line to be served without tweeting about it.


How I couldn’t enjoy a drink with my sister without sharing it on Instagram.


How we couldn’t enjoy a night out without posting it to Facebook.


In fact, I can’t remember the last time I watched television without idly browsing the internet, the last day out I had without taking a picture of something funny to share online, or the last time somebody told me some news that I hadn’t already seen on my newsfeed.

It’s all well and good being able to disconnect for while on holiday, but what about the other fifty weeks in a year? How is permanently being connected to social media affecting my interactions offline?

I’m going to try leaving my phone in my bag and enjoying the moment, and taking a step back from social media to try and answer these questions.


2 thoughts on “I never forget my phone

  1. Good for you taking a step back. I cut off FB and twitter a year ago and haven’t looked back. My conversations with people are richer because I don’t know what they’re up on a day to day basis – we have actual conversations.

  2. That’s really brave of you Tina. I guess part of me would be worried about “missing out” on something – completely untrue I’m sure.

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