Break-ups, Shopping and Project 333

Fairly recently, I broke up with my boyfriend. But this isn’t really a post about that. It’s a post about why I decided to take part in Project 333.

You see, as I struggled to come to terms with unexpected events, I started to notice how often capitalism offered to help me out. As I walked along the high street, or flicked through a magazine, I was promised clothes that will make me sexier, make up that will make me look younger, deodorant that will make me more confident, hair products that will make me carefree (and likely to swish my hair at passing attractive men). Reinvention, I discovered, is just a credit card swipe away.

I find it interesting how we have been conditioned to buy our way out of our problems. Feeling a bit down? Treat yourself to a new handbag.  (Go on, you deserve it.)

It’s natural to want to do something to mark when a major part of your life comes to an end. A break up may be a good excuse to buy yourself some jewellery,  or a new bag,or have an expensive haircut, but it’s unlikely to make yourself feel any better for longer than about ten minutes. Doing any of these things is as likely to make you a different person (who isn’t hurting) as changing your blog layout will make you write more, or buying an expensive camera will turn you into a photographer.

So, determined not to fall for this consumerist propaganda, I resolved not to buy anything. Just in case this makes me sound smug, it wasn’t out of stoicism. I’ve used almost every other emotional crutch available: alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, whining to very patient friends, and an unusual amount of running. But I’ve managed not to shop, mostly. I bought one pair of sandals  to replace a pair that had completely fallen apart.

While I don’t shop a lot, there have been a few occasions that I might have bought a new outfit to go to. But I’ve enjoyed the challenge of making do with what I already have. So when I saw a tweet inviting me to take part in Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months,  I thought ‘Why not?’

My version of this is a Project 333 Lite, as I’ve not included jewellery or shoes or exercise kit in the total (although I have reduced those too). Although useful, arbitrary rules about the amount of stuff you can own whilst living a privileged existence seem a little self-indulgent. So when I found myself worrying about the amount of laundry I’d need to do to go running three times a week, I decided to let myself off the hook. No doubt there’ll be things that, at the end of the three months, I’ll realise I could have done without. That’s what next time is for: to get a little better.

Anyway, this is a picture of most of the clothes laid out on my bed:


My final count is:

1. Navy t-shirt

2. Smart grey top.

3. Navy and white striped top.

4. Blue lightweight sweater.

5. White t-shirt.

6. Black and white striped top.

7. Patterned tank top.

8. Pink tank top.

9. Grey tank top.

10. Grey t-shirt.

11. Dark grey lace backed top.

12. Red floaty top.

13. Black cardigan.

14. Cream knitted jumper.

15. Red hooded sweatshirt.

16. Blue blazer.

17. Denim jacket.

18. Black (fake) leather jacket.

19. Going out dress.

20. Summer day dress.

21. Striped day dress.

22. Striped tunic.

23. Black skirt.

24. Black leggings.

25. Black 3/4 length leggings.

26. Black skinny jeans.

27. Blue skinny jeans.

28. White shorts.

29. Denim shorts.

30. Bobble cowl.

31. Bootcut jeans.

32. Waterproof coat.

33.Blue strapless dress.


1. Ankle boots.

2. Black (low, for the office) heels.

3. Converse.

4. Sandals.

5. Flip-flops.

6. Knee-high boots.

7. Black wedges.

8. Wellies (for the festivals)

9. Hiking boots (for the hiking)

10.Running shoes (for the running)

Other running/yoga stuff

1. Sports top.

2. Tracksuit trousers.

3. Yoga leggings.

4. Running shorts.

5. Very very bright pink running shirt.

6. My Run 10k t-shirt.


3 thoughts on “Break-ups, Shopping and Project 333

    • Thanks! It also means I can wash everything together. Although I do sometimes get a little bored- the key is brightly coloured jewellery I think.

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