Things I’ve Learnt From. 24.5.2013.

Less is More, Imperfect is Perfect, and Done is Done by Sarah Kathleen Peck. She says ‘Sometimes you need to execute more and think less.’ Don’t know about you but I definitely need to execute more and think less. She goes on to share her tips and habits for actually doing things.

Trial by timeline. Run by Amnesty International, this site analyses your Facebook profile to find crimes you would be guilty of in some parts of the world and shows you how you might be punished. I like to think I’m quite world-aware but still found this really eye-opening.

I finally got around to watching Brene Brown’s TED Talk The Power of Vulnerability. She explains how ‘you can’t selectively numb emotion’ and that by numbing pain and vulnerability we also numb joy, gratitude and happiness.

The other week I went to a talk by Proximity London on the ‘Art of the Digital Creative’. They gave some examples of great campaigns including car vs. piano, Find Red, and ‘sorry about the twigs folks…


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