My Simple Room: Before and After

Almost two and a half years ago, I wrote about feeling suffocated by my possessions. Since then, I’ve been a lot more conscious of what I buy and have also (helped by moving house another three times) slowly pared down my stuff to only the things I regularly use.

Now that I only rent mid-week, I find myself back in my bedroom at my parents house on most weekends. Over the past few weeks I’ve not only turned a more critical eye to what I’ve been storing there but also redecorated, so thought I would share some before (December 2010) and after (May 2013) shots of the space.



So many pretty boxes hiding junk! I’ve also donated a lot of these books and clothes to charity.


I can’t even remember owning this many pairs of shoes and different patterned scarves. I don’t think I’ve missed them.



A much calmer space. I’ve limited my craft materials to one of these drawers, and music and DVDs to another.



The wardrobe contains a streamlined collection of clothes, books, photographs and mementos. Things are easier to find and put away again.


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