Caught in the Trap of Wanting More

I quite often find myself thinking I need something. Most of the time I really don’t. I’m not the only person who falls into this trap, because I got a lot of reaction to these tweets.


So why do we feel like we need so much more than we do? Sometimes it can be really difficult to make ourselves stop and question the dominant culture of consumerism and excess. We’re told that we need new clothes each season, a different pair of shoes for every occasion, more chairs than we can sit on at once, the most up-to-date phone every eighteen months.

I’ve become better at resisting the temptation to buy when I don’t need. In recent weeks I’ve stopped myself buying:

1. Boots that I tried on even after I tweeted about not needing.

2. A dress that I didn’t want until I saw it in a catalogue that was dropped through my letter box (this is how they get you, folks). I didn’t order from the catalogue, but remembered the dress next time was in town. It wasn’t in stock but this didn’t stop me desperately looked round for something else to buy to stop my trip being fruitless. Took my a while, but it finally dawned on me that again I was getting stressed out trying to find something to buy that I didn’t need.

3. New towels just because they were on sale. You’re told sale shopping is a good idea. But really, things are even cheaper when you don’t buy them.

It’s an ongoing battle, but I know I’m much happier living with less.

This post was inspired by this one. Thanks Sarah.