Excitement: Habits To Increase My Energy Levels

I really didn’t want to get up this morning. This worries me because I’m not always like this. If I’m excited about something, I want to jump out of bed and get started on it as quickly as possible. I want to be excited about my life, every day. I don’t care if that sounds idealistic, I don’t think it’s out of anybody’s reach.

It’s easy to get really settled into a routine and think that’s your life. But as soon as you start to think ‘urgh, do I have to do this?’ in the morning, perhaps it’s time to mix it up a little.

I know what I enjoy, or at least what makes me happier and more energised in the long run. But I often don’t do these things because it’s easier in the short term not do, or they require me being a bit organised.

But it’s really worth developing good habits. In the words of Sarah Kathleen Peck ‘There are a hundred ways to not be happy—your job is to keep trying until you find the way that works.’ I have some of the bigger things covered: an interesting job, a lovely house, and an amazing boyfriend. Now I want to spend the next few months trying some things out that I suspect will make me happy, and seeing if they work.

Firstly, these are going to be:

  1. Not collapsing on the sofa on my return from work and watching things I have no real desire to watch on the television.
  2. Using the spare time to keep on top of clutter and do something creative each day.
  3. Cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. It makes such a difference to come down to clear clean surfaces in the morning rather than chaos that smells a little.
  4. Going for a lunch-break run on Tuesdays and Thursdays (fulfilling my need for ‘getting out of the office’, ‘being outdoors’ and ‘exercise’)
  5. Eating proper food. Stop using chocolate and caffeine as short term energy boosters.
  6. Making time to really connect with friends, offline.

Has anyone else been trying out lifestyle changes? How have they worked. Let me know in the comments.


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