Start making your own cards and never look back…

There are tons of reasons why it’s a good idea to make greetings cards rather than buy them.

1. It can save you a lot of money.  Birthday cards cost around £2 each (at least) – multiply this by the number of friends and family you buy them for every year and it soon racks up.  Okay, so you’ll have to buy some things to make your own (card, glue, pens…) but you can do a lot on a limited budget.  For instance, using used wrapping paper once it’s too crumpled to be used as gift wrap again.

2. I think it’s much nicer to receive a home made card than a shop one.  It shows that you really have the time for someone and you can make it much more personal too.

3. It’s fun.  I spent Saturday afternoon cutting and sticking and it felt just like the rainy weekends I had as a child.

Anyway, here’s the fruits of my labour. The owl is made from felt I made from putting an old jumper through a hot wash, and tapestry wool I inherited.



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