The Reasons I’m Throwing Out My Desktop PC

I have a netbook. Being a very small person, I don’t need anything bigger.

I dislike sitting somewhere sensible.  I’m typing this lying on my front in the middle of the floor.  I don’t want to be tied to a desk, I have enough of that at work.

I’m lazy.  The sound is a bit buggered (technical term) on the big computer and instead of working out what’s wrong I’ve switched to listening to music and watching TV online using the netbook.  This suits me just fine.

I like to do my writing in coffee shops because I’m pretentious.

I’ve moved too many times in the last year, might be moving again soon, and since the computer is the heaviest thing I own carrying it about it about is starting to annoy me.

Owning two computers is ridiculous.

Owning two computers gets me into many muddles along the lines of “Where did I save that?”/”Which version of the document the one I want?” etc.  Life will be easier once everything is saved in the same place.

No computer on desk = more space to pile books.


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