What I’ve Been Doing While Not Updating This Blog

1. Reading other people’s blogs.  In particular Hanna Thomas and D for Dalrymble.

2.  Applying for job after job after job.  Although, due to an overdose of coffee, I’ve also been going a bit mad.  Gushing cover letter over-enthusiasm like this (which I actually did send, oops) “I am really committed to achieving positive social change through empowerment. The thing I find most satisfying about activism is the conversations that I have with people to make them realise that they can make a difference. Most people do care about the world, do care about climate change. But they feel disempowered, they don’t know where they can direct their energies, and they don’t believe that things can change because of them. Campaigns like the yours show people that they can play a role in shaping the world in which they live, and it’s a really amazing feeling to be part of that.’

3. I RAN. 10k! Without stopping!  It took me 58 minutes (which is important because it is my goal of less than an hour).  And I raised £70 for Cancer Research UK which is no bad thing either.

4.  Looking into selling my jewellery on Folksy.

5. Devising a system of wiring at work so that now not everybody who comes into the office trips over my laptop cable.

6. Writing down everything non-foody that I’ve been buying and thus realising that I’m even more of a shopoholic than I thought.  Blog about this to come shortly.

7. Defending marriage in pub discussions.  Who’d have thought.  But a school friend of mine is getting married soon and I think it’s amazing that people still want to do this even though most of the economic and social reasons why people should are disappearing.  Not even reading The Womens Room (which I finally got round to doing the other week) made me less excited about this wedding.  I might get round to blogging about this properly too.

8. Worrying about what I’m going to wear to the wedding.

9. Drinking a lot of tea.


One thought on “What I’ve Been Doing While Not Updating This Blog

  1. Hi! In some mutual blog admiration I just wanted to say thanks for reading and that I like the look of your blog too. V. impressed you ran the 10K in 58 minutes. I did one last year and even though it was without stopping I was embarrassingly way slower than that! Hanna x

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