Vintage Finds, or Why Go Shopping When You Have An Attic?

I hope you don’t mind me talking about clothes so much of the time.  You see, I can get a little overexcited.  Take today, for example.  Whilst looking for something entirely different in the attic I came across the massive chest of dressing up clothes that Harriet and I played with as children.  Oooh, how could I resist a quick rummage?  And all those clothes that we believed turned us into princesses aged 10, but actually made us look like we were wearing tents, actually fit me now.  These are clothes that have been hanging around for generations, worn by our grandmothers, aunts and mother.  You could spent a fortune in a vintage shop.

First up was an elegant black number with white lace trim.  The eye rolling might not have been necessary.

I think to actually wear it out it’s going to have to be short but it seems such a shame to cut it off.

And then I appeared to have started something, with my mum insisting I had to try this one on.

And this one.

And then one classic Seventies number that will actually make it in to my wardrobe.  Although, as you can see, by this point my photographer had got bored so I was forced to take pictures of myself in the mirror as usual.

Check out how amazing the sleeves are.


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