Coffee, Gossip, and Hopefully a Bit of Income

This morning was my first selling my hand crafted jewellery at my local Country Market.  Brought in under the wing of my grandmother who seems to run the show, I paid my five pence to join the co-operative and laid out my wares on the craft stall.

It always seems such a shame that the only people who are interested in this kind of thing tend to be pensioners, when (to me at least) it seems a pretty interesting way to spend a morning: a community run market selling locally produced food and crafts, with a cafe area selling tea and coffee for only 50p a mug  – plus a free biscuit.

Not that this was a problem, I spent a pleasant morning being introduced to and mostly receiving career advice from my grandma’s friends.  Then once the doors opened I had a good time being told by strangers how beautiful my bracelets were.  Of course, being a small town, they weren’t quite strangers.  Everyone who didn’t mistake me for my sister (“Not got your camera today then?” “When are you back up to college?”) asked after her.

I didn’t sell any earrings.  I forget that just because I like massive ones it doesn’t mean other people would wear them.  Hopefully I’ll have time to put some smaller ones together before next week.  However, the bead and safety-pin bracelets went down a storm (perfect Christmas presents for grand-daughters apparently), which is a bit annoying because they’re such a hassle to make.  I looks like I’ve got my week planned then.


One thought on “Coffee, Gossip, and Hopefully a Bit of Income

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