What is it About Money That Makes You Want to Spend It?

I have been trying to sell some of my clothes in a local second hand store where they sell your things for you in exchange for 50% of the profit.  A few days ago I went in to check how it was all going and received £5 for one of my dresses.  I was so excited that I went immediately into the charity shop a few doors down and spent it on a dress and a novel.

Weirdly, I didn’t go into the charity shop for some idle browsing.  I felt determined to buy something as though, as that old saying goes, the £5 note I had just been given was “burning a hole in my pocket”.  I don’t do this with my pay cheques.  But then, being cheques, I can’t do anything with them except pay them into the bank.  Perhaps if I was paid in cash I would go straight into the first shop I see for a huge spending spree.


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