I am borrowing a dress from my sister to wear to a Christening on Saturday, and am making matching jewellery to wear with it.  Here is one of the earrings, pulled together from the pale blue, silver and white beads I could find in my boxes.

As you can see, not much choice since I am usually drawn to things a little more brightly coloured.

I rarely, if ever, buy beads for my collection.  In fact, I haven’t since I was at schools. (About five years ago then).  Instead, I take apart jewellery that I pick up in charity shops or have gotten bored of – so apologies if you give me a bracelet that ends up being cut up and worn as earrings.  When I’ve worn something enough I inevitably end up taking in apart again and using the beads or charms as part of something else.  I’m currently using cord from a kite-making set I found in the top of my wardrobe.

Anyway, while I had it all out and spread out on the floor I felt inspired to create these.  The red beads were once part of a necklace that was part of our childhood dressing up box.  The dark silver beads are taken from once bracelet, the other silver bits from another.


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