New Shoes

Today I bought a new pair of shoes. I know, I feel bad just saying it.  When I returned home my parents* said ‘I thought you were supposed to be all into environmental non-consuming.’  Or something like that.  Whatever it was exactly, I felt bad.  I have been walking past these shoes in the shop window on my way into/from work for weeks now.  I had convinced myself I really needed them.  Last summers (fake) converse trainers are quite literally falling apart.  My cowboy boots and Doc Martins are too warm for the weather’s brief flirtation with summer.  I can’t wear flip-flops to work.  All valid reasons, except perhaps the last one.  I could wear anything to work, nobody would really notice, and I’m the only one in the office for most of the time.  But you could tell yourself anything really.  They were only £4.99, which while good for the bank balance pretty much guarantees that they were stiched by a child living somewhere in Asia.  Sigh.  But they do make my legs look brown.

*Perils of living at home no. 1.  My mother still passes judgement on everything I buy and wear.


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